Westell 6100 DSL Router Modem (C90) Review

Westell 6100 DSL Router Modem (C90)
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I know several people have had problems with this modem, but I never have. One reviewer even said they fail after a year, but I have had mine for over 4 years now without any problems. The only problems I have had were my own fault by changing some of the settings and then having to re-setup the modem via Verizon's software. As for Verizon's support; it is not great, but not so bad either. They treat everyone like a moron, but I guess that is to be expect as 80% of people are not computer literate and they did fix my problem the one time I called them. Also, one should check if their ISP actually supports the modem before buying a third party DSL modem. I would never buy a used DSL modem though as you never know why that person is selling it. Calling your ISP and having them help reset the modem is the best bet for those having problems.

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Westell 6100 Modem Information(3.00.61 Firmware or Higher)This FAQ has three major sectionsSection 1 - General InformationSection 2 - Physical Connections and LED Status DisplaySection 3 - Network Configuration Links This FAQ is in conjunction with the General Westell Modem FAQ and provides specific information pertaining only to the Westell 6100 (Model B90-or Model C90-). Please reference the General Westell Modem FAQ for overall setup and configuration information. The current Westell Users Guide is available here. The Westell 6100 has been shipping since May 2004 and is the current default modem/router supplied to all new BellSouth residential customers. It has both ethernet and USB connectivity. The BellSouth supplied 6100 (Models B90-and C90-) are specifically designed with a unique firmware, interface, and features that are different from the standard retail 6100 models. Although they are physically different from the BellSouth supplied 2100/2200 modems they have basically identical interfaces and functionality. The 6100 features an improved chipset featuring DMH (Dynamic Multi-Hybrid) technology to provide better performance on marginal lines, however the look and interface are exactly the same.

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